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Unique Home Styles in Houston

Exploring Home Styles in Houston: A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Homes and Their Features” –

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Types of Houston Homes

Houston is a diverse city with a variety of home styles to offer. From modern high-rise condos to expansive ranch-style homes on sprawling properties, the city has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a trendy loft, a cozy bungalow, or a luxurious mansion, Houston has a plethora of options.

While exploring the different types of homes that you can find in Houston, I discuss the typical characteristics of each type of home, their historical context, and some popular neighborhoods where you can find them. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, this guide will help you better understand the homes of Houston.

Types of Houston Homes


Houston’s housing market is known for its diversity and strong real estate options. The city offers a wide range of homes to suit various lifestyles and preferences with the Single-family homes being the most prevalent throughout the city.

Other types of homes include rom charming bungalows in historic neighborhoods to spacious suburban residences. Townhouses and row houses provide a convenient blend of community and low-maintenance living, while condominiums and apartments cater to urban dwellers with modern amenities and a lock-and-leave lifestyle.

Number of RoomsNumber of HomesPercentage
1 bed41,5055.30%
2 bed85,80911.00%
3 bed137,27417.50%
4 bed134,23617.20%
5 bed135,59517.30%
6 bed107,94613.80%
7 bed65,0698.30%
8 bed38,7004.90%
9 or more16,3462.10%

The table above shows statistics of homes in Houston from 2021, based on the number of rooms they have,  clearly showing that the most common type of homes in Houston are between the 3 & 5 bedroom homes – which are usually Single Family Homes.

When the results are compared to the Real Estate database, we can make the following deductions;

  • The most common type of home in Houston is a single-family home, accounting for 70% of the housing stock.
  • Condominiums and townhouses make up 15% of the housing stock, while apartments account for 15%.
  • The average home size in Houston is 2,100 square feet.
  • The median home value in Houston is $250,000.
  • The most popular neighborhoods in Houston for homebuyers are Montrose, River Oaks, and The Heights.

Note that while it is possible to find a mixture of homes in a specific area, certain types are predominant based on characteristics like, history, Terrain, demographics and affluence.

Types of Homes

1. Single Family Home

Single Family Home

Single-family homes are standalone residential properties designed for one family or household. They offer privacy, space, and ownership, with varying architectural styles and layouts. These homes typically have multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas, along with private outdoor spaces like yards or patios. Homeowners are responsible for maintenance and have the flexibility to personalize their homes. 

Characteristics: Standalone, private outdoor space, designed for families
Historical Context: rise of urbanization and demand for luxury living
Popular Neighborhoods: The Heights, West U, Montrose and River Oaks

2. High-rise Condos

Hi Rise Condos Houston

High-rise condos are residential units within tall buildings, offering a high density of housing, panoramic views, modern amenities, and a convenient city lifestyle. They are sought after in urban areas with limited land availability, providing luxury, convenience, and a maintenance-free living experience.

Characteristics: tall buildings, modern amenities, open layouts
Historical Context: rise of urbanization and demand for luxury living
Popular Neighborhoods: Downtown, Midtown, and River Oaks

3. Bungalows

Houston Bungalows

Bungalows are single-story homes with a low-profile design, featuring a cozy and charming aesthetic. They offer open floor plans and are popular among those who prefer single-level living and appreciate their simplicity and character.

Characteristics: small one-story homes, front porch, charming details
Historical Context: popular in the early 20th century
Popular Neighborhoods: the Heights, Montrose, and West University

4. Ranch-style Homes

Ranch Style Homes

Ranch style homes are single-story residences with a low-profile design, open floor plans, and a strong connection to the outdoors. They offer convenience, accessibility, and a versatile living space, making them popular among homeowners seeking a relaxed and practical home design.

Characteristics: one-story homes, low roofs, open floor plans
Historical Context: popular in the 1950s and 60s
Popular Neighborhoods: Meyerland, Memorial, and Galleria

5. Victorian Homes

Victorian Homes Houston

Victorian homes are ornate and elaborate houses that emerged during the Victorian era. They feature intricate detailing, decorative elements, and a combination of architectural styles. Known for their nostalgia and historical charm, Victorian homes are admired for their unique and distinct designs.

Characteristics: ornate details, steep roofs, wrap-around porches
Historical Context: popular in the late 1800s
Popular Neighborhoods: Museum District, East End, and Fourth Ward


In conclusion, Houston offers a diverse range of homes to suit various preferences and lifestyles. From single-family homes in historic neighborhoods to modern high-rise condos in the bustling city center, there is something for everyone. Townhouses, apartments, and luxury estates cater to different needs, while master-planned communities provide suburban living with excellent amenities.

Houston’s real estate market showcases a rich variety of housing options, making it an attractive destination for homebuyers and renters alike. Whether you seek urban convenience, suburban tranquility, or luxurious living, Houston has the perfect home to meet your needs and make your dream a reality.

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