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I provide a personalized attention, expert guidance, and commitment to exceeding your expectations because a great client experience is essential to my services and sets apart a  successful businesses relationship from the rest. 

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I will review your submission, assess your requirements thoroughly and conduct a  preliminary research on the subject matter

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I don't have a one size fits all, so rest assured, my proposal and recommendations are personalized to you and you alone

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Collaborative Process

I maintain an open and clear communication process, with regular updates about the process, timeline and results

Review and Feedback

At the end of a successful project, I encourage feedback and reviews to highlight areas of improvement, foster stronger relationships and facilitate repeat business.

Case Study

A Business Acquisition in Cypress, Texas

How I helped a couple acquire a high end Restaurant for their portfolio

In February 2023, I received an inquiry about a business opportunity in Cypress, Texas. I suggested a restaurant in College Station that seemed to align with the caller’s interests. Soon after, I found myself driving to College Station to meet a couple from Florida, M and J, who were interested in adding a restaurant to their portfolio.

Our initial meeting was a success; we discussed their goals over sushi and toured the restaurant. Impressed, they decided to proceed. I advised them to consider an SBA loan, but due to certain guidelines, they opted for another lending option.

Fast forward to March, during Spring Break, M & J returned to finalize the contract and make an earnest money deposit. We then faced an unexpected hurdle: the property was being sold. Negotiating a new lease with the incoming landlord proved challenging and took several weeks of back-and-forths.

Finally, on May 8th, we closed the deal. The journey had its share of twists and turns, from financing options to property ownership changes, but in the end, everyone was satisfied. For me, it was a triumphant moment, a true “cloud nine” experience.

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